Creating a roadmap for the future is an extensive endeavor that will take us into 2022.

These are the milestones we have established for this project, with the awareness that our community is dynamic and details are ever evolving. We will post regular news and updates from the committees and working groups, which we invite you to follow.

January 2021

  • Steering Committee stood up
  • Approve guiding principles and working group topics

February 2021

  • Coordinating Committee stood up
  • Working Group charges drafted

March – September 2021

  • Steering Committee and Coordinating Committee meeting regularly
  • Working Groups populated
  • Share planning process and begin community engagement
  • Working Groups develop preliminary drafts

September – December 2021

  • Working Groups submit final reports to Coordinating Committee
  • Coordinating Committee aggregates Working Group reports into overall draft plan
  • Coordinating Committee submits recommendations to Steering Committee
  • Steering Committee revises and prepares the full draft of university strategic plan

January – March 2022

  • Full draft of university plan prepared and reviewed

March – May 2022

  • Draft plan updated and endorsed by the Board

June 2022 – ongoing

  • Opportunities to engage with major goals and initiatives