October 4: In-Person Panel Discussion

Digital Transformation: Harnessing Its Power to Lead the Future of Research and Innovation
9 a.m. — Dr. Philip R.O. Payne, strategic planning lead for digital transformation, will facilitate a panel discussion with WashU leaders and innovators, followed by Q&A.

Speakers: Peter Boumgarden (Olin Business School), Alvitta Ottley (McKelvey School of Engineering), Yongseok Shin (Arts & Sciences), Betsy Sinclair (Arts & Sciences)

10-11 a.m — Reception

Tuesday, October 4 (9-11 a.m.) at the Eric P. Newman Education Center, Medical Campus In-person event registration

Can’t attend the live event? Register for the virtual simulcast on Zoom

October 4-14: Webinars

Equity, Diversity, Inclusion: Applying Equity to our Work
The Academy will facilitate an interactive session where we will explore how equity asks us to focus on outcomes in our everyday work. All are invited to participate and build their own capacity around this guiding principle of the strategic plan.

Facilitator: Nicole Hudson (Academy for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion)

Tuesday, October 4 (12-1 p.m.) — Register Here

Public Health: The Path Forward
Public health at Washington University in St. Louis is a multifaceted endeavor consisting of many schools, faculty, staff, and students. You will hear from multiple speakers who will touch on: 1) WashU’s overall strategic plan, 2) plans for a new School of Public Health, and 3) faculty presenting their work representing the scope of public health research at Washington University.

Moderators: Debra-Haire-Joshu (Brown School) and Brad Evanoff (School of Medicine)

Speakers: Elvin Geng (School of Medicine), Lora Iannotti (Brown School), Karen Joynt Maddox (School of Medicine). Matt Kreuter (Brown School)

Thursday, October 6 (12-1 p.m.) — Register Here

Environmental Research: Building Momentum
Environmental research at Washington University in St. Louis is building momentum to address current and future environmental challenges to advance planetary health and sustainability. In pursuit of academic distinction, we have existing strengths and opportunities for growth in environmental solutions, biodiversity, environmental justice, and planetary health with climate change as a cross-cutting driver of research. Our research enterprise is linked with interdisciplinary educational initiatives and community partnerships. You will hear from speakers who will: 1) present WashU’s overall strategic plan, 2) discuss plans for a new center for the environment, and 3) highlight multiple dimensions of our environmental work.

Moderator: Daniel Giammar (McKelvey School of Engineering)

Speakers: Jonathan Losos (Arts & Sciences), Beth Martin (Arts & Sciences), Kimberly Parker (McKelvey School of Engineering), Rodrigo Reis (Brown School)

Wednesday, October 12 (12-1 p.m.) — Register Here

St. Louis: Forging Genuine Partnerships
The aim of this webinar is to give attendees an in-depth view of how WashU’s research, education, and practice can contribute to the region. Our work in this area will focus on St. Louis’ racial inequalities, improving health outcomes, economic mobility, and educational opportunity. The goal is to promote collaborative exchange and advance community-based research, education, and practice with St. Louis outcomes at the forefront

Moderators: Dr. Vetta Thompson (Brown School), Dr. Cynthia Rogers (School of Medicine)

Speakers: Matthew Bernstine (Sam Fox School of Design & Visual Arts), Kia L. Davis (School of Medicine), Nikki Doughty (Institute for School Partnership), Sean Joe (Brown School), Kimberly Norwood (School of Law), Jay Turner (McKelvey School of Engineering)

Thursday, October 13 (12-1 p.m.) — Register Here

Equity, Diversity, Inclusion: Operationalizing Equity in Faculty Research
This interdisciplinary panel will highlight how Danforth Campus faculty engage and operationalize equity in their research. Faculty from the Law School, Brown School, and Arts & Sciences will share insights about research practices that center equity in areas such as finance, sexuality, and parental racial socialization. 

Moderator: Kia Caldwell (Office of the Provost)

Speakers: Marlon Bailey (Arts & Sciences), Sheretta Butler-Barnes (Brown School), Lori Markson (Arts & Sciences), Kelly Van Dyke Murphy (Sam Fox School of Design & Visual Arts), Rafael I. Pardo (School of Law)

Friday, October 14 (11 a.m.-12 p.m.) — Register Here

Note: Speakers and moderators subject to change.