For the Undergraduate Education working group, the charge is to develop a plan for the university’s future undergraduate experience that builds on the excellence of the current academic program, while integrating new models for access, learning between and across disciplines, and planning for post-college work and life. 

Working Group Chairs

Jen Smith

Vice Provost for Educational Initiatives

Jay Turner

James McKelvey Professor of Engineering Education; Vice Dean for Education

Working Group Members

  • ShiNung Ching
    Associate Professor of Electrical and Systems Engineering
  • Nina Crosby Walton
    Undergraduate student, Sam Fox
  • John Hendrix
    Professor of Art
  • Harvey Fields Jr.
    OSS/ Associate Dean for Student Success
  • Tom Keeline
    Associate Professor of Classics
  • Mitch Kundel
    Lecturer in Biology
  • Paige LaRose
    Assistant Dean; Director of Undergraduate Programs for Olin Business School
  • Rob Morgan
    Director of the Beyond Boundaries Program; Teaching Professor of Performing Arts
  • Cassie Power
    Associate Director for Faculty and Academic Engagement,  Gephardt Institute for Civic/Community Engagement
  • Michelle Purdy
    Associate Professor of Education
  • Bill Siever
    Teaching Professor, Computer Science and Engineering
  • Ronné Turner
    Vice Provost of Admissions and Financial Aid
  • Michael Wysession
    Executive Director, Center for Teaching and Learning; Professor of Earth and Planetary Sciences
  • Mark Jareczek
    Undergraduate student, Arts & Sciences

We want your input.

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