We’re in, of, and for St. Louis. What does that mean? The St. Louis Initiative working group will build out the St. Louis Compact (now the Commitment) to ensure that we have a coordinated set of programs and initiatives that advance the St. Louis region while strengthening the university in its missions of teaching, research, and patient care.

Working Group Chairs

Nicole Hudson

Assistant Vice Chancellor

Hank Webber

Executive Vice Chancellor for Civic Affairs and Strategic Planning

Working Group Members

  • Eva Aagaard
    Senior Associate Dean of Education, Medical School; C & J Loeb Prof of Medical Education
  • Monica Allen
    Vice Chancellor and General Counsel
  • Peter Boumgarden
    Koch Family Professor of Practice in Family Enterprise
  • Sheretta Butler Barnes
    Associate Professor of Social Work
  • Mary Campbell
    Associate Vice Chancellor for Real Estate
  • Bill Carson
    U.S. Bank, Vice President & Business Development Officer
  • Heather Corcoran
    Vice Provost and Interim Dean of University College; Halsey C. Ives Professor
  • Rosalind Early
    Features Editor, Public Affairs
  • Jason Hall
    Chief Executive Officer, Greater St. Louis, Inc.
  • Mackenzie Hines-Wilson
    Undergraduate student, Arts & Sciences
  • John Inazu
    Sally D. Danforth Distinguished Professor of Law
  • Bethany Johnson-Javois
    Chief Executive Officer, St. Louis Integrated Health Network
  • John Kemper
    CEO of Commerce
  • Jane Kojima
    Director of Communications, Facilities Planning and Management
  • Pam Lokken
    Vice Chancellor of Government & Community Relations
  • Alicia McDonnell
  • Brian Phillips
    Assistant Vice Chancellor for Washington University Medical Center
  • Jason Purnell
    Vice President, Community Health Improvement at BJC Healthcare; Associate Professor, Brown School
  • Ignacio Sanchez Prado
    Jarvis Thurston and Mona Van Duyn Professor in the Humanities
  • Sophie Scott
    Undergraduate student, Arts & Sciences
  • Kurt Summers
    Gephardt National Council member
  • Lauren Todd
    Subject & Instruction Librarian, Engineering
  • Ronné Turner
    Vice Provost of Admissions & Financial Aid
  • Adia Harvey Wingfield
    Mary Tileston Hemenway Professor of Arts & Sciences
  • Heather Woofter
    Director, College of Architecture and Graduate School of Architecture & Urban Design; Sam and Marilyn Fox Professor

We want your input.

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