Digital Transformation is a space several schools have prioritized in their strategic planning. This working group will need to look at WashU’s potential to develop an interdisciplinary network, build on emerging strengths, leverage regional opportunities, and unlock new potentials in research and innovation to further distinguish the university.

Latest update

Philip Payne gives an update from the Digital Transformation Working Group.

Working Group Chairs

Philip Payne

Janet and Bernard Becker Professor and Director, Institute for Informatics; Associate Dean for Health information and Data Science, School of Medicine; Chief Data Scientist, School of Medicine

Yongs Shin

Douglass C. North Distinguished Professor in Economics

Working Group Members

  • Chris Adkins
    Director of Financial Reporting, School of Medicine
  • Chris Amelung
    Assistant Vice Chancellor for Digital Strategy, Public Affairs
  • Catherine Betz
    Sr Content Strategist, Medical Public Affairs
  • Ted Elsas
    Senior Change Manager, MyDay
  • Anna Gavrilova
    Undergraduate student, Olin
  • Harriett Green
    Associate University Librarian
  • Roch Guerin
    Harold B. and Adelaide G. Welge Professor of Computer Science and Engineering
  • Lynda Heaney
    Vice Chancellor, Medical Advancement
  • Patricia Howard
    Senior Analyst
  • Sean Joe
    Benjamin Youngdahl Professor of Social Development
  • Katherine Krajcovic
    Director, Project Management
  • Andrea Krussel
    Director of Education and Workforce Development, Institute for Informatics
  • Josh Landman
    Graduate student, Division for Computational and Data Sciences
  • Thomas Maddox
    Professor of Medicine, Cardiovascular Division
  • Cynthia Marich
    Executive Director, Office of Health Information and Data Science
  • Pat Matthews
    Associate Dean, University College
  • Nichole Mercier
    Assistant Vice Chancellor & Managing Director, Office of Technology Management
  • Melanie Micir
    Associate Professor of English
  • Himadri Pakrasi
    Freiberg Professor of Biology
  • Stephanie Reel
    Interim Vice Chancellor and Chief Information Officer
  • Melanie Roewe
    Associate Vice Chancellor of Research Development & Contracts
  • Durai Sundaramoorthi
    Senior Lecturer in Management
  • Marcy Vana
    Associate Director, Becker Medical Library

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